Used Furniture

We have rearranged our warehouse to showcase all of our Used Furniture. Stop by our office or view our inventory online!

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Learning Spaces – Classrooms by Steelcase

30-Day Classroom Pilot Program

We are offering a 30-Day trial period to K12 schools to try out new educational solutions. We offer a variety of educational products so get a fully customized 30-Day trial of solutions that will better engage your students.

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the creative shift

The Creative Shift

The shift has happened. We all saw change coming. Then suddenly it’s upon us and work is something fundamentally different. Today, we face problems too big, too complex to solve with yesterday’s ideas. The demand and desire for creativity at work is stronger than ever before.

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Regard Lounge Seating by Steelcase

Regard Lounge Seating

Regard lounge seating supports many comfortable and relaxing postures while also providing appropriate settings for task work at a table.

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The Resilient Workplace

A Resilient Workplace is an ecosystem of spaces designed to adapt and evolve over time, optimizing real estate while fostering higher levels of employee engagement.

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Lounge Spaces

Our furnishings are comfortable, elegantly purposeful, and beautifully crafted to cross over — between offices and homes, meeting rooms and social spaces, and wherever else creative people want to feel inspired about their work day.