About Us

About Us

Michael Turner – President

Michael Turner - President

Michael Turner has had more than 20 years of experience in purchasing and inventory control with various Roanoke companies when he founded BARROWS in 1988. A quarter-century later, he oversees an operation that has more than 2 million square feet of projects throughout the Southeast in the works, and hundreds of satisfied clients in its portfolio.

“Exploring the boundaries of space” was the company’s early motto and enhancing productivity through a healthy, efficient and attractive work environment has been its longtime mission.

In the company’s history, Michael estimates that BARROWS has designed and installed furniture in more than 40 million square feet of space.

What started with a focus on office furniture and design has evolved into a one-stop shop that can handle any type of commercial interiors needs your company might have – from flooring to window treatments and everything in between. BARROWS works with more than 300 vendors.

Michael is very involved with his church, New Life Christian Ministries, and made a missionary trip to Uganda in the Spring of 2013. His other outside interests include golf and travel.

Michael is married to the Director of Marketing, June Light Turner. He has a daughter Heather who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina along with her husband Jeff and three adorable grandchildren, Jack, Bodie and Finn.

Known for his hard work and tenacity, Michael says the key to success is treating clients and employees with integrity and honesty.

Barrow’s Inc.Chris Clemmer

Chris Clemmer - VP of Sales & Operations

It was 2004 that Chris Clemmer joined BARROWS as part of its sales force. Today, he is VP of Sales and Operations.

Chris believes the key to his advancement has been good customer service and “doing what you say you are going to do.” That mantra has apparently served him well, earning him advancement in the company and pushing BARROWS’ sales to an all-time high.

As a devoted husband and father of two elementary-aged school children, Chris doesn’t have a lot of time for recreational pursuits. But he has found the time to refurbish a mid-1970s MG and he also enjoys riding an ATV, playing golf and skiing.