The next item Eddie wants to add to his Holiday Gift Guide is the Gesture chair by Steelcase.

Gesture is the first chair designed to support interactions with today’s technologies.  It is very unique and was designed by looking at the movements and gestures of the body.  Steelcase undertook a global posture study on six continents, observing over 2,000 people so they could best understand the body at work.  They learned that from body size and shape to gender and generation, the sitting preference of each individual is different.  For that reason, Gesture was designed to be the solution for multiple users sitting in multiple spaces throughout a day.  Gesture supports movement between devices and healthy postures when interacting with modern technology.  It is easy to adjust and offers maximum comfort and support while responding differently to each user.  Gesture can be made to order and is perfect for any office space.  Eddie wants us to make sure he can take one back to the North Pole with him as a gift for the big man himself.

Take the Steelcase Global Posture Study here and share with us what new posture you identify with most.

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