Is Planning Your Thanksgiving Meal Like Designing Your Space?

What are some of the specifics you take into consideration before planning your Thanksgiving meal as well as designing your space?

How many guests are you feeding? – How many employees will be using this location?

Is there a classic turkey on the menu or are you breaking the tradition? – Do you want to use neutral colors in your design or will you be adding some style and flair to your space?

While these details start to become the roadmap of your meal/design, they aren’t always the most important part of the concept.  When there are key decisions to be made, where do you turn for expert advice?

Butterball reports they receive around 10,000 calls on Thanksgiving Day for the best turkey recipes. – Barrows utilizes Steelcase research insights to best optimize real estate.

Like most families during the holidays, Barrows has a human centered approach that focuses more on the interactions among people.  Our team can help you create resilient workplaces that drive employee engagement and wellbeing across your organization. We want experiences to be positive and meaningful.  For this reason, our consultants identify opportunities to improve collaboration and creativity.  When designing your space, let the experts at Barrows help you throughout the entire process.  Your Thanksgiving meal may not last more than a few days but your office space will be appreciated for many years to come.

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