BARROWS interior designers attended the recent Paint Nite CEU in Blacksburg.

I’ve seen paint nite events and have always wanted to try it.  It doesn’t require any experience and you don’t need to be an artist.  Just “follow the instructor and go with the flow” is what I’m told.  They provide all the materials you will need and everything is set-up at your station.  I haven’t participated in one yet but three of BARROWS’ designers did and they all had a fantastic time.

Here is what Kelsea had to say about their evening.  “The event took place at Honeysuckle Studio in Blacksburg, VA.  Using only six colors we painted a scene of trees while Benjamin Moore gave a “Color Foundations” presentation.  I thought it was amazing how each of our scenes were different from one another.  It just goes to show how everybody’s perception of color and how it’s used is different and unique.”

Alisha Gray, Aili Jones and Kelsea Stafford 4.27.16

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